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Fauna & Flora International

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WHY did we choose fauna & Flora International?

With the booming success of the plant industry and plant lovers, sadly, there are some taking advantage of the situation by exploiting rare plants for personal gain.

Plant poaching has become extremely common in the Pacific-Asia countries. It is the illegal act of extracting a rare plant from its original habitat. This has resulted in a growing number of plant species growing extinct or endangered. As a result, this has caused disruption in the ecosystem and has impacted natural habitats. Similarly, the plant industry has suffered as prices have surged due to its rarity. 

We, at thrive n' gro, are advocates for responsible plant parenting. We ethically source our plants and ensure that they are collected from responsible growers. We decided to donate 1% of our total profits to Fauna & Flora International so that we can support them in their initiative to protect rare plants in the Pacific-Asia regions and to safeguard them from illegal poaching. We hope to protect the beautiful plant species our Earth's biodiversity has to offer. 


Canadian Mental Health Association

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Mental health is a topic that is near and dear to our hearts. It is an illness that is not visible, but can take a large toll on a person without anyone even realizing. We named our company "thrive n' gro" with the idea that just like our plants, our customers will thrive, flourish and grow with us - to reach their full potential and to find comfort and resilience in plants. 

We are committed to donating 1% of our total profits to the Canadian Mental Health Association to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and to help support those that are struggling and have recovered. We want to help the community build resiliency and to normalize mental health in our society, free of stigma. 

Our Donation

2% of our total Profits

Together, we want to contribute back to our community, internationally and locally, by donating 2% of our profits.