Hello friends, 
Thank you so much for visiting our store! It means the world to us. This store was created with the hopes of bringing smiles to the faces of others by sharing beautiful affordable and accessible rare plants. 
I am Aly, one of the co-founders of thrive n' gro. I have been collecting plants for 5 years now and have been working on this store for quite sometime. Plants have always been a source of joy, happiness and light despite all the hardships in my life. They have taught me many things about adversity, strength and finding the beauty in little things. Growing up, I was raised in a very strict household that was quite turbulent - plants were always there as a source of comfort.
Due to COVID, there has been a huge boom in the plant industry. This has been exciting but terrifying for many. We decided to name this store thrive n' gro so that every time we look at the name, we can be reminded of who we were before and how much we've grown. 
This may be silly but I always compare people to plants, some grow faster than others, some may have larger foliage, etc. Regardless of the differences, there is always someone who appreciates the uniqueness and beauty of each plant. One thing I learned over the years of therapy and spending time with my plants is that I tried too hard to be happy without putting in the care needed to reach it. Just like plants, we need constant self-care, an optimal environment and support (yes, like a moss pole!) to thrive.
On our birthday and the birth of our store, our goal is to share our love of plants with everyone. Just like plants thrive and grow when nurtured, we hope you do as well, looking to plants as a source of resiliency, patience and comfort. 
Thank you for supporting our business and our store, it truly means a lot to us. Over time, as our business grows, we hope you continue to thrive with us! 
- Aly from thrive n' gro